Here Are The Best 11 Photos Of 2019 Texas SandFest And Facepalming Lincoln Is The Winner

Each year Texas SandFest gathers massive crowds to the beach in Port Aransas. The biggest event of the year invites thousands of people to gaze at extraordinary sand art situated along the coast. This year, 20 sculptors from around the world decided to show off their incredible skills for the competition. The event was filled […]

Rainwater ‘Chandelier’ Installation Can Collect Up To 800 Pounds Of Water

Hanging beneath a pine tree canopy in Italy, John Grade’s installation Reservoir looks like a dazzling outdoor chandelier. Made up of 5,000 clear “droplets,” it interacts with nature, allowing people to visualize the impact of rain and snow. More info: | Image credits: John Grade Suspended above a clearing in a grove of pine […]

My 40 Geometric Tattoo Designs That Reflect Events In People’s Lives

I graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and since then I grew close with art and relevant activities. For about 5-6 years of my tattoo adventure, I aim to show what I feel in this journey through my designs.  In fact, my primary goal is to turn the positive and negative events that affect […]

I Illustrate What Life With Chronic Illness Is Like While I Am Still Able To Draw

This disease leads to complete quadriplegia. This disease began as foot drop at age 20 and since my body has gotten weaker over time, like a slow-motion blur. Today, I’ve been in a wheelchair for eight years. Last year I graduated from a manual chair to a powered chair. Eight years ago this disease began […]

Inspiring Paper Art And Bodypainting By Artist Vilija Vitkute

Vilija Vitkuté is a visual artist from Lithuania, currently living in Sweden. She wanted to find a new way to develop her artistic expression and eventually explored all the qualities and possibilities of the art form body art. She decided to combine all her skills, including body painting, paper crafting, and photography skills. The result […]

We Make String Installations With Tens Of Thousands Of Intersecting Straight Lines

A new form of expression represented by tandem from Krakow, Przemek Podolski and Marta Basandowska. Our assumption is to receive art in a new dimension. Its foundations are technology, science and conceptual imaginations of the space structure. String Art Installations are tens of thousands of straight lines intersecting in space creating a three-dimensional object. Multiplication […]

Street Artist Pays Homage To Pop Icons With Giant Murals

The work of a Manchester-based street artist AKSE is unbelievably photorealistic. He has been spraypainting the walls since 1992. Movie actors, sportsmen, TV series characters and singers are honored with murals scattered throughout the city. He also travels across the UK to share his art. This week, the street artist took advantage of the success […]